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Carlos Hopkins


The first thing you learn about Carlos “Chop” is how big of a heart he has.


He sings, he dances, and he constantly cracks jokes. That’s the thing about Chop – he will go above and beyond to make you laugh, smile, or relax.  He truly cares about you. When you’re in his chair, he’s not just making you look great, he wants you to feel great, too.


“The thing I love most about barbering… is how much a haircut can change someone’s appearance and attitude!”


If you stop by 6Throne and haven’t seen him in a while, he’s sure to give you a great big hug. He’s one of those friends that if you haven’t seen each other for 2 months, when you finally get together, Carlos will pick right back up like you just saw each other 5 minutes ago.


Carlos earned his Barber License at Emily Griffith Technical College, in Denver, CO.  Even though he has completed his formal training, one of the cool things about Carlos is that he’s always trying new techniques to make sure you feel and look amazing.


The barbers at 6Throne strive to make the place somewhere where every type of person can come in and relax and enjoy themselves. Carlos is essential in that – his attitude and and cheerful nature keep the shop upbeat and fun.


You can be the most influential, famous, or wealthy person in the world… or you can be slightly awkward, uncomfortable, and just not too sure of yourself, but rest assured that Carlos will treat you exactly the same. He’ll always treat you like the King or Queen that he knows you are.


Carlos, as well as the rest of the barbers at 6Throne, truly believe in taking care of you. So stop by, get a great cut, a boost of confidence, and a warm hug from Carlos.


And, If you’re really lucky, you just might see him dancing with his shirt off.

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