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Ryan Sherman


Stoic is the first word that comes to mind when many people meet Ryan.


He’s tall, he’s quiet, and he appears to be very serious. He’s the epitome of the strong and silent type. But don’t let his silence deceive you – he’s got a lot to say with his passion and talent.


Ryan was born and raised on the Pine Ridge reservation. According to Ryan, “There wasn’t much of any place to get a haircut. I would cut my own hair or have my brother buzz my head and try to fade. I did this for years and got into watching barber videos. Experimenting by going to places that couldn’t cut my hair the way I wanted. I would resort to fading and lining myself up again until I came to 6Throne Barbershop as a client. That changed everything because no one ever faded my hair like that. Barbering is hair cutting tailored to you and I was sure there’s plenty out there that needed that tailored haircut and so began my passion for barbering.”


At 6Throne, Ryan works hard to show every client he meets true excellence. He’s very loyal to his clients, and always shows up early. Even though he’s new to barbering, his confidence and extreme focus would be envied by many established barbers.


After working in commercial construction for 10 years, Ryan wanted a change in his life. I saw a sign that said “enroll now” for South Dakota Barber College and felt like it was his sign – the perfect timing for the change he needed.

In his personal life, Ryan is proud to be a father to his son, and his new Harley motorcycle is his new found hobby.

Stop in to 6Throne and say hey to Ryan. We promise, he's not mad at you - it's just his serious face! Get to know him and you'll likely get him to crack a smile. Just briefly.

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